Strip Modelling Tutorial



First we're going to create a profile of the face, to help us define the shape. Place the cursor as shown, in the middle of the forehead. Add a plane 'spacebar - add / mesh / plane'.


Plane in edit mode.


Edit the plane as shown, so that the right side is on the center-line - and reduce the width.


Position the plane in the side view. Then make sure you're using edit-edge mode 'ctrl+tab - edges', we will be using edge mode almost all the time.


Select the bottom edge of the face and extrude it down using 'e' as shown, following the profile of the face as you go. Use smaller extrusions in areas like the curves of the nose and lips. Make sure to only move the edge in 'Z' or 'Y' - don't let it wander across the center-line.


Here is the facial profile finished. Don't worry too much about the amount of faces, as long as you have enough to show the curves without getting too jaggy.

..and that's as far as it goes, for now. I did quite a bit more, but then changed the way I approached facial modelling, so as I said at the start, I'll have to update the whole thing.

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