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Welcome to my website. Please stay as long as you like, hopefully you'll find something worthwhile here. The image to your left was one of my first forays into Painter, and was created after seeing one of Ryan Church's 'Gnomon school' training DVDs. There's more work like this - in Painter, Photoshop and hand-drawn - in the 2d sections. I plan to update as often as I can, so come back soon as there's stuff getting added constantly. You have the choice of browsing my traditional drawings and paintings, graphics work, 3d models and a whole host of other stuff, including tutorials on various subjects - added as and when they are a/ finished, and b/ I have time to upload them. who am I?

I am currently working freelance as an artist/animator. My work is split between traditional digital graphics, traditional and CGI animation, motion graphics, visual effects and video editing. I had a brief stint earlier in the year at a company called MMD here on the island as a Maya generalist, working on engineering visuals.

Previous to that, I was employed as 'Digital Producer' at Isle of Man Newspapers. That means that I was involved with the technical side of getting news stories onto the web in video format. I also looked after the placement of adverts on the site, and had various other duties. I've been a freelance computer games artist, and the 'in house' artist (2d and 3d) at IncaGold plc - the Islands only game developer, which is sadly winding down the development side of the business. Even further back I was a traditional animator at Lough House Animation, and worked on several enjoyable projects there.

...oh the name. 'G' is of course my initial, and I get called 'G' (jee) or 'G man' by friends, and I live here on the Isle of Man, whose people are called 'Manx'. So, 'G', 'G man' and 'Manx' = Gmanx !

*Please note that views expressed in these and other pages on this site are my own personal opinion, and do not reflect the views of any other parties unless otherwise indicated.

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